Welcome to Reachout Educational

Reachout Educational was founded by Barbara Hunter who is a special needs teacher and advisor who has a passion for children and young people who learn differently.

We are a specialist support and training organisation with many years of experience working with staff, pupils and young people who require dedicated training programs and select resources to assist them with their educational development.

Whilst browsing our site, please look out for ‘10 hot tips’ for use with many of our resources and resource packs as well as other ideas to assist you within your teaching environment.

Parents will also find this site useful when helping their own Children and we encourage those Parents to share ideas with others who are faced with similar challenges.

We support the Governments initiative ‘Every Child Matters’ to improve outcomes for ALL children and young people.

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Student Organiser Pack

Using the Student Organiser Pack your child or pupil can be more organised, make more effective use of time and achieve his aims more successfully. The Student Organiser Pack has also been found to reduce the arguments and tension which sometimes surround homework. The structured layout makes it easy for parents and teachers to monitor a child’s progression and to guide him towards a stage where
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Maths Check Sheet

Have you read the question correctly? Do you understand the question? add, take away, multiply, divide? Equipment? Sharp pencil Ruler Other measuring tools? Are you using the correct unit/measurement/value? Is the spacing and layout correct? Have you shown all workings out? Have you used the correct symbol? Check your answers carefully. Have you transferred your answer correctly/identified it? Shape and Line a acute. algebra.
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Aids For Maths

SHAPES Drawing: the motor impaired child will need aids such as stencils, templates, Shapemaster from Taskmaster. Use of computer programs e.g. Access Maths Reproduce shape patterns using geoboards and rubber bands, pegs and pegboards (see BEAM books) Copy shape patterns within grids (see Look Books – visual perception) Remembering the names for goometric shapes: use mnemonic Remembering names of mathematical vocabulary using multisensory techniques: using
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